Publication of the Proceedings of the 27th International Congress of Papyrology (Warsaw 2013)

  • The deadline for submitting articles is 28 February 2014 (does not concern main papers).

  • The articles ought to be sent to the official congress e-mail address:

  • All the submitted texts will be peer-reviewed.

  • Since the proceedings will be published as a supplement to The Journal of Juristic Papyrology, the articles shall follow the editorial rules set for the JJP volumes.

  • The publication guidelines are available here for download: (guidelines_for_JJP_articles.pdf).

  • They offer all the necessary information concerning preparing texts for submission. In order to facilitate and speed up the editorial process, we are kindly asking you to strictly follow these guidelines, especially in respect to using ancient fonts and constructing bibliographical references. (NB. Texts not conforming to the rules explicit in the guidelines will be returned to the authors for amendments).

  • Here (sample_article_(Nowak_JJP 41).pdf), you will find an article from one of the previous JJP volumes, which may help you solve the issues that are not mentioned in the guidelines.

  • Should you have any questions concerning the editorial process, do not hesitate to contact any member of the editorial team: Tomasz Derda (, JakubUrbanik (, Adam £ajtar (, or GrzegorzOcha³a (

    We are looking forward to receiving your contributions.